About Us…

Fitpluswell is a private local gym located on the Princes Highway close to the villages of Banksia, Arncliffe and surrounding suburbs.

We have members come from all parts of Sydney wishing to follow our system that gets you long lasting and sustainable results. 

Our premium training product is known as ‘Individual Design’ where all YOUR training needs are addressed and met . Our programs use movements that are similar to those you use every day, making them not only safe, but highly effective. You’ll do things like dead-lifts, squats, bench press, running, and movement screening and correction to ensure you don’t get injured .

You’ll learn strength training methodologies to make you stronger and change your body composition.. You’ll jump, squat, run, bike, row, push and pull! You’ll flip some tires, do some jump rope and pull a sled! When you combine all of these functional movements with high levels of intensity (which you’ll learn how to do), you get results!

Our other offering is our Fitcamp classes for those of you who simply just want to participate in our workout of the day. We keep our program varied so that every time you come to class, you’re doing something very different from your last session. We know that you don’t have the time to commit several hours of your week to exercise. With our emphasis on intensity, you’ll reach your goals by showing up (and working hard!) three or four times per week— that’s it!




5 Stars
I've been training with Mark for nearly four years now - I'm the strongest and fittest I've ever been and now more than ever I'm motivated to keep challenging myself. Mark puts a great focus on technique, he teaches you what will cause injury and he never pushes you beyond your real limits - removing the fear of injury. I like that he does the hard yards with you - he doesn't suggest a challenge and leave you to it. He's alongside you the 10kms, or waste deep in mud or giving you a leg up. I literally don't know what I would do without him.


5 Stars
I've been with Mark over 4 years. During that time he has helped me recover from several injuries. - one of which had been ongoing for over 3 years.  He then worked on mobility and strength exercises which turned this often injured muscle group into a strength of mine. Mark balances a unique understanding of the body with a plethora of exercises to meet your fitness goals, reduce injury risks and build strength, stamina and muscle.


5 Stars
Mark as a trainer is not only helpful and supportive but also an educator. You learn about how to train yourself and more importantly why you are doing the exercise. 2 months in and I actually look forward to training.  Feeling fitter, more on point and just all round better for it.