Your training should constantly evolve

When you feel like your hitting a plateau or feeling stuck in your training it’s most likely because you’re constantly doing the same thing and not tracking your performance. To continually improve and continue to enjoy strength and fitness, your training needs to evolve so your brain doesn’t “figure it out” and stop adapting

Common strength training mistakes

Strength training mistakes

Where to begin? Lack of patience or lack of control or simply making it up as you go along…! People lose interest too quickly in the gym and resistance training because they simply don’t know what they are doing. Harsh but true. I understand why someone will seek the cheaper option but It’s not the

Why strength circuits don’t work

why strength circuits don't work

Why strength circuits don’t work Strength circuits are exciting and cool, all the cool kids are doing this kind of training right? Think CrossFit, it’s still got a lot of pull despite many other peoples opinions to the contrary. But let’s not label this post as anti-CrossFit, it’s absolutely not. I trained at CrossFit ‘boxes’

Why everyone needs Aerobic Fitness

The benefits of regular physical activity to health, longevity, well being and protection from serious illness have long been established. They easily surpass the effectiveness of any drugs or other medical treatment. The challenge for everyone, young and old alike, is to build these benefits into their daily lives. Developing your aerobic system…