Common strength training mistakes

Where to begin? Lack of patience or lack of control or simply making it up as you go along…!

People lose interest too quickly in the gym and resistance training because they simply don’t know what they are doing. Harsh but true. I understand why someone will seek the cheaper option but It’s not the best idea to download a strength program from the internet without a decent amount of prior strength training and experience.

I’m biased but but not seeking professional help – mistake #1

Strength training is a science and there are certain rules that have to be followed if you plan on making strength training a staple in your long term exercise regime…..which leads me to mistake number 2….

You’re truly not in it for the long term. People “panic” when they return to training and don’t have a long term plan.
They want results fast and display a complete lack of patience for following the process that will get them results. The problem is they want to lose 5kg yesterday!

Ok, now that’s out of the way, mistake #3 is not knowing your starting point – your areas of strength and areas you need to work on. Ideally a screening of your current ability would be perfect because you know exactly what your entry level is and now you can monitor and see progress from that original screening day. This is similar to the previous mistake because it’s easy to lose patience with something if there are no clear guidelines on how each week should look. Without the movement screen and muscle endurance testing it’s harder to see just how far you can come in a relatively short space of time. Now you have corrected mistake # 2 – patience, along the way!


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