Week Two Day Two

So I promise I’m not deliberately avoiding my audible library but I’m still sticking to my goal of sharing content with you guys on a daily basis. Let’s call this my ‘Precision Nutrition’ book. This is a follow-up from yesterdays chapter 2 introduction.

Taking a 5 minute action helps you get moving

It’s easy to get stuck in “analysis paralysis”. I’m an expert in this, always trying to make things better if not perfect. It’s not a bad mindset but only if it doesn’t ‘paralyze’ you into taking no action. So much information, so many ideas, so many thoughts, so many shoulds, ifs, buts and worries!

None of this is helpful unless I can do something. The best workout or nutrition plan is no good if it only exists on paper. Like making time, taking a 5 minute action teaches us valuable life skills and truths:

• Action often comes before motivation, not the other way around. It’s easy to look for the “motivation secret”, assuming it will come first and then push us to act. Instead, it’s usually only after we’ve done something that we feel motivated.

• A tiny action helps us bust out of procrastination and “feeling stuck”. All we have to do is get started. Most of the time, getting started is the hardest part. For you, that might translate getting out the door to the gym, or starting to cook a healthy recipe after a long day.

• Often, all we need to do is push through the first few minutes of resistance, and we’re rolling.

• Action is empowering. We want to feel inspired and energized. The more we act, the better we feel… and the more we feel ready, willing, and able to do more action.

• Action is satisfying. It’s real. It happened.

• Action is evidence. It can be measured. It gives us data. Action is a life experiment that shows us what to do next.