Our ideal online client is someone who values the long-term process to achieve sustainable results. Unfortunately, not everyone has the patience and perseverance to see the health and fitness journey through. It takes time for both the coach and client to discover what works and what doesn't work. At Fitpluswell, it doesn't matter if you are a remote client or in house client, our job is to find out what works best for you and provide you with long lasting results.

If you choose to become an online client, you have two options.

Option 1: Remote Coaching Premium

With our Premium option you will be coached remotely and communicate progress via our training app, True Coach, as well as weekly or monthly Zoom consultations. These consultations ensure progress is being made and may result in changes to your training plan as well as the support and motivation to remain compliant to your training schedule and goals.

Option 2: Remote Coaching Going Solo

Going Solo you work by yourself but you will still have access to True Coach where you can track and measure your progress as well as access to all the supporting exercise videos. You will work at your own pace without the ongoing communication with a coach. This is usually more suited to intermediate or more advanced people that are satisfied following the program only and are familiar with the process of how to progress their volume and intensity and replacing exercises that might be more suited to their gym.

Whichever option you choose we can guarantee to you that you will follow a well thought out and intelligent program to help you wherever you are in your health and fitness journey.


Remote Coaching Premium Includes:

Step 1 - Free Strategy Session:

The first step in the Remote Coaching process includes a face-to-face video consultation with your coach to discuss your fitness past, goals, lifestyle, strengths and weaknesses.

Step 2 - Assessment:

The initial assessment is a 60 minute consultation in which your coach develops a better understanding of you and why you choose to train with us online. This will include an understanding of your goals, your current lifestyle, nutritional habits, and personality. All of these are necessary and taken into consideration into where you currently sit in your fitness journey.

Step 3 - Comprehensive Testing:

You will be given a number of different tests/assessments to help determine your starting strength, movement capabilities and your overall work capacity or fitness levels.

Step 4 - Coaching Consultation:

Your assessment results will be evaluated and your coach will determine your best starting point ensuring a successful beginning to your new training plan.

Step 5 - Training:

All workouts and day-to-day results and communications will be tracked through True Coach. This can be accessed through your phone, where you will receive your weekly schedule.

Ongoing Consultations:

The main goal of the monthly consult is to make sure you are compliant and progressing as well as continuing to build the relationship with your coach to ensure that he or she is aware of any important changes to your lifestyle, nutritional habits and stress.



Totally Free and we guarantee you'll learn something new.
Leave with a plan on how you should train.

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